About the forum
With over 8,000 participants in Advanced Materials & Application (IAMA) forum, from all around the world, the scientific forum IAMA has been held on 30th- 31st May 2020 that hosted by the University of Anbar_Physics department-college of science and organized by Dal agency.

Hosted by: The Physics department-college of science- University of Anbar
Organized by: Dal agency
The forum was completely held as a global event in cooperation with scientists and lecturers from
Organizers and coordinators from
Turkey, Iraq. Norway, Malaysia, United Kingdom.
Invitations were sent all over the world. And during the event, we were pleased with many interventions and questions from. A map of each continent is added and the following countries are marked on it.
The IAMA forum targets
1. The academic staff
2. Students
3. Those who are interested in advancing the knowledge of physics
Everything is kept under wraps until the forum, To make it one of the most distinguished forums in this field.
The forum included an introduction to make the audience feel welcome on the online forum, the rector speech, and nine lectures in two days that introduce fundamentals of the techniques and the manufacturing of the two dimensions materials in addition to other cutting edge advanced materials.
The Theme
This year’s theme was “CHOOSE GLOBAL – Raise your odds.”
With a company focus on flexible hours and work-life balance, the theme for 2019 was CHOOSE GLOBAL. At FCTG, you CHOOSE to work hard and play hard to win your place at GLOBAL.
Raise your odds references the destination as well as the call to action – what are you going to do to ensure you get there? The look and feel was pop art giving an excellent platform for creativity.
Dal Agency
Dal Agency team worked extensively for hours and days To ensure the smooth running of the event and to reach impressive results that satisfies the followers and partners.
The Journey
During Covid-19 Pandemic and the lockdown in the world, We were proceeding from social responsibility towards our country, Iraq. Aiming to connect Iraq with the world to spread knowledge and exchange experiences, Our team took action by founding the first scientific forum between Anbar University and many universities from all over the world. We started with a brainstorming session to combine the scientific committee vision with our creative solution. The main challenge was to achieve all the goals within ten days. Secondly, we start looking for stable broadcasting systems that provide our audience with the best online event experience. As everyone knows that building a brand, people can recognize and interact with needs, time, and passion.
Our creative team challenged themselves to build a brand and IAMA 2020 platform to reach those interested in the forum and build effective communication with them through many communication channels such as email and PR campaigns. In addition to communicating directly with our participants and answering their questions before and during the event. ending the process with sending the certificates to the participants.
The experience and skills of Dal's team ensured that any issue big or small was met head-on.
Live session reach: 28 K
Live session views: 4.5K
Shares: 100+
Reaction: 2.1K
Engagement: 3.4K
USM-School of physics - Malaysia
Dr.Naser Mahmoud Ahmed
Lancaster University UK 
Dr. Ali Ismael
Newcastle University UK
Dr. Jiabin Wang / Dr. Lidija Siller
Durham University- UK
Dr. Michael Hunt
University of Anbar - Iraq
Dr. Khalil T Hassan / Dr. Alaa Ahmed Aljobory / Dr. Wissam Ahmed Ameen / Dr. Mazin Abdulhameed Alalousi
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