After 2015 entrepreneurship movement started in Iraq in its early steps, and now it is 2020. After more than five years, we are beginning to see the ecosystem forming. The young people's mindset is shifting towards starting up their startups and enrolling in the private sector instead of going for public sector jobs. The ecosystem began having more startups launched. Also, international organizations, entities, and companies began showing significant interest in Iraq’s Market and ecosystem.

One of the most critical cornerstones in every ecosystem is the media and the exposure it makes to showcase the growth and development in the ecosystem and highlight the opportunities that lie within every ecosystem, and attract the attention of investors and organizations who are looking for investment and development and bring even more opportunities for the ecosystem, business, and the Iraqi Youth. For Iraq’s ecosystem, there is an urgent need for a media platform providing adequate coverage with reliable information and quality content for the entrepreneurship and business scene for both local and international communities, there is a worldwide interest in Iraq’s ecosystem, but still, it is not enough because it is not getting the needed exposure and coverage. 

And here comes Sight’s role! Sight aims to be the primary source for reliable and quality content that covers the entrepreneurship and business scene in Iraq and fills the gap to ensure the deserved exposure for the ecosystem, and that will contribute to different areas, including encouraging Iraqi Youth to start their startups and considering working in the private sector and stop relying on getting government jobs. Stimulate the investment ground in Iraq by showcasing the Iraqi startups and businesses and investment opportunities that lie in them for the local and international investors and provide the needed exposure for the international community to attract more opportunities for the ecosystem.

The social media platform will also have its own activities from posts, podcasts, live streams, awareness, and advocacy campaigns with stakeholders from both the entrepreneurship and business ecosystem on subjects that is essential for the advancement of the ecosystem and that will also increase the reach of Sight and help reaching more Iraqi young people.

Sight's main product - InSight Iraqi Startups index is the first index in Iraq to focus on showcasing the status of Iraqi Startups in the ecosystem. The index will be produced by collecting the data of 100 Iraqi startups through interviews with 100 startups. Collected the needed data and information, then the data went through the analysis and put into the report published as "Iraq Startup Index V.1" on Sight's digital platform and social media. This index aims to be the primary reference for Iraqi Startups for both the local and international community, and that will provide a clear idea about the support that can be given and the investment opportunities that lie in our startups because there is no solid reference that investors from inside and outside Iraq that can identify the investment opportunities lies within in Iraq's startups.

The index will allow Iraqi startups with the potential and scalability to get investment opportunities from local and international investors, which is essential for advancing the Iraqi entrepreneurship ecosystem. 

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